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Waterford TaeKwon-Do
4112 Walton Blvd. Waterford MI  48329  (248)673-CHOP (2467) 

Waterford TaeKwon-Do

Building Confidence

Team WTKD members compete locally and nationally throughout the year.  Current members hold titles in Michigan in the Michigan Sport Karate Circuit and have also received medals at the World Kickboxing and Karate Championships.  Current members are Chris Gorham, Lynne DeGroot, Colin Bastuba, Avery Sutter, Jimmie Salaiz, JJ Soliman, Clara Roberts, Sienna Hartshorn, Ali Grobson, 

Students competed on Team USA at the World Karate and Kickboxing Championships in Niagara Falls, New York 2019

Here are the results:

Back Row: Domenic Sutter-Silver Medal Point Sparring 
 Lynne DeGroot - Gold Medal Continuous Sparring & Silver Medal Point Sparring & Bronze Team Point Sparring
Chris Gorham - Bronze Medal Point Sparring
Colin Bastuba - Bronze Continuous Sparring & Bronze Team Continuous Sparring

Front Row:  Jimmie Salaiz 
Devon Hansen - Bronze Medal Point Sparring
Avery Sutter - Bronze Medal Point Sparring & Bronze Medal Team Point Sparring
Dakota Quinlan - Bronze Medal Point Sparring