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Waterford TaeKwon-Do
4112 Walton Blvd. Waterford MI  48329  (248)673-CHOP (2467) 

Waterford TaeKwon-Do

Building Confidence

Testing Requirements

Click on the link below to be taken to a listing of the minimum requirements for testing of a particular rank.

9th Gup (White with Black Stripe)

8th Gup (Yellow)

7th Gup (Yellow with Black Stripe)

6th Gup (Green)

5th Gup (Green with Black Stripe)

4th Gup (Blue)

3rd Gup (Blue with Black Stripe)

2nd Gup (Red)

1st Gup (Red with Black Stripe)

Blackbelt (1st Dan)

In addition, we will be marking advancement of students with the addition of stripes to the student's belt.  The following will be used to show that the student is able to perform the task for each stripe:

Yellow Stripe - Able to perform all basics listed for new rank

Green Stripe - Able to show knowledge needed for new rank

Blue Stripe - Able to perform required self defense techniques for new rank

Red Stripe - Able to perform all physical fitness requirements for new rank

Black Stripe - Able to demonstrate pattern for new rank

2nd Black Stripe - Able to demonstrate all areas from previous testings as well as required attendance for new rank